This is an announcement list where DMs/GMs/Judges/Directors can stay up to date with Colorado’s RPG convention submission deadlines and schedule. This list will never be used for Kickstarters, general marketing, or non-convention messages. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to run games and be part of building our hobby and I belive that starts with communication. Emails will be sent out, at most, on a monthly basis.

To submit information about your convention email with the convention name, dates, submission deadlines/procedure for games, and your GM badge policy.

While the idea for this list came from a conversation between myself and Christopher Landauer of the Rocky Mountain Savages it is intended to serve all groups, individuals, and local conventions that feature RPGs. This is 100% my baby so if you have any issues please send them my way. If there is ever a time that I stop running this list and someone else wants to take over, email addresses will not be transferred. Users of this announcement list will be sent one final email with instructions to opt-in the new service.

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