Hi Everyone! If you came looking for One Child’s Heart, it’s not out yet. I’ll be running it a Metatopia if you want to try it out and I’ll release the full version in 2018 as either a stand alone game or as part of a collection. If you’re really interested and can’t wait message me on Facebook or shoot me an email.

If you’d like me to run it for you, invite me to your convention! You can also track me down at one I’m already attending.

Right now my 2018 convention schedule is:

GenghisCon: February 15-18th, Denver, CO

Chupacabracon: May 4-6th, Round Rock, Texas

Origins Game Fair: June 13-17th, Columbus, Ohio

CritHit: July, Dates TBD, Phoenix, Arizona

Gen Con: August 2-5th, Indianapolis, Indiana

RinCon 2018: Dates TBD

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