Hi! I'm Camdon Wright and I'm a game designer, writer, gamer, motorcycle enthusiast, and co-owner of Unicorn Motorcycle Games, based in Buffalo, NY.


As the previous diversity coordinator for the IGDN, I have created and implemented various initiatives for creating diversity and inclusion in analog game spaces, as well as leading the Metatopia Sponsorship and the Diversity Sponsorship programs, both focused on creating spaces for marginalized designers within the industry. 

My work focuses on creating healthier and more diverse spaces, including previously being a staff writer for the ENnie award-winning Gnome Stew. In 2020, I was one of the honorees for the Diana Jones award for Black Excellence in gaming, and am continually working to amplify marginalized voices. 

I am co-owner of Unicorn Motorcycle Games, a game publishing company focused on games by marginalized designers creating games about hope and humanity. You can check out my game design in One Child’s Heart, Madness & Desire, Love and Resistance anthology, and the upcoming Voracious.

Writing and design work

"Play One Child’s Heart and let it change you. Camdon guides us to learn, witness and open our own hearts for the better."

Emily Care Boss author of The Romance Trilogy and Bubblegumshoe

"I loved playing One Child's Heart. It is the kind of game that lingers with you long, long, after you play it."

Jeff Stormer Game designer and host of Party of One Podcast

“It’s a really real emotional palette that this game works with and it does so in a way that’s really subtle. A way that doesn’t get enough recognition in games.”

Jabari Weather Artist and TTRPG Designer

“Camdon Wright’s One Child’s Heart is a game unlike any other I’ve ever played. It’s beautiful. It really strives to make better humans through role-playing.”

Michael Conn Game Designer
GM 50 States

It's my goal to facilitate games in all 50 states! I will mark off each state as I go!

Hire Me
Feel free to send me a message about my work, ask questions, or to inquire about hiring me to write or consult on your project.