Camdon Wright
Species: Homo sapien
Gender: Male (he/him/his)
Ethnicity: German, Ethiopian
Father of two boys. Award winning author of haikus. Staff writer at Gnome Stew. Game master and storyteller.

Things you should know:

I believe that inclusivity, representation, and safety are the required cornerstones for a strong gaming community. I support, morally and when possible financially, Black Lives Matter, Southern Poverty Law Center, RAINN, Planned Parenthood, Trans United Fund, SAGE, and the ACLU. I am the child of an African woman and a white man. I believe that trans humans are just men and women. There is no modifier needed. I support, demand, and celebrate marriage equality. I am a feminist.

Like all good artists I found the rest of my biography on the internet. Facebook crowdsourcing never lets you down.

“Camdon Wright is the most awesome person ever to awesome in the whole world, and has really super friends too.” -JD

“Camdon Wright is friends with teh ebil bunneh, and that is all you need to know.” -BK

“Future mayor of Mars, Camdon Wright, was stranded in our time after an accident with a time machine, a flower, and a miscalculation of a causality matrix. He does his best to keep the world on course while battling the forces of evil. While he may never return to his own time, he enjoys the friends and family in his new home, the present.” – CR